Archive | May, 2009

I must hike

21 May

I’ve decided that I need to hike more. Utah has a lot to offer in the way of nature’s beauties and I don’t take advantage of it enough. I made this same goal last summer and probably only hiked 3 or 4 times. This year will be better. If anyone knows of some good (not too long) trails let me know. That’s all. I was just thinking about how I really want to go hiking this weekend. Curse the stupid rain!

Mac vs PC: the eternal debate

15 May

My computer has been slowly dying for the past year. First it was the cd drive. Then the memory card reader. Then the mouse pad. And it’s all just going down hill from here. My plan is to save money over the summer and buy a new laptop before school starts. The only problem you ask? Marking the ultimate decision: Mac or PC?

I’ve given it a lot of thought and I just can’t decide. So I figured I’d let you all weigh in. Please do your best to convince me either way.

Push-ups are the worst form of torture

5 May

Yesterday Rachel, Molly, Angela and I started the Power 90 workout. Just Power 90, no master or extreme or anything like that. We decided to start slow. Considering how sore I am today, that was probably a very wise move.

The workout alternates between strength training and cardio/abs. I think we did ok on for our first attempt — except for the push-ups. I simply cannot do them. It’s a physical impossibility.

We are meeting six nights a week to work out. We’ll see how much of a “total body transformation” it really is. Hopefully by the end of the summer I’ll be as ripped as the chick from the video. Scratch that, I don’t want her creepy muscly legs. My real goal is just to get in better shape. If I look better too that’s just a bonus.

So everyone wish us luck as we embark on our new fitness adventure. And don’t hesitate to tell us how good we look. Nothing is a better motivator than our own vanity 🙂