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And you thought my summer of slacking was over

27 Aug

Yesterday I became a college dropout. Granted, it’s just for one semester, but I still feel a little strange without the upcoming semester looming ahead. I guess I should explain why I’m taking the next few months off, but first I will share an exceptionally embarassing school related story.

On Monday I headed out on the bus/trax to attend my first day of school. I arrived about 20 minutes early. The door to the classroom was locked so I decided to wait in the lobby of the building where my class was. After 15 minutes, I still hadn’t seen anyone that I knew was in my class and the door was still locked. I decided to make sure I had the room number correct. I walked into the registrar’s office and asked the kid at the front desk to check the room number for me. He acted confused when I said that the room I thought I was supposed to be in was locked. Then came the question no respectable upperclassman ever wants to hear. “Are you a freshman?” I replied that I was not (I’m technically a senior) and he proceeded to laugh. In my face. Out loud. Apparently I had mixed up the dates and classes didn’t start until Wednesday. Needless to say I booked it out of there to prevent anyone else from discovering my idiocy.

I suppose my blunder makes little difference now that I’ve decided to take the semester off. The disadvantage of Westminster’s small class sizes is that professors care if you miss class. Because I’m continuing my official year of travel and taking two and a half weeks of for vacations, it just wasn’t going to work. After talking to my teacher, he suggested I take the time off in order to protect my GPA, which protects my scholarship and standing in the Honors program. The good news is that I’m one semester ahead in school so I will still graduate in the spring of 2010. Within 30 minutes of that conversation I had the papers signed, scholarship deferred and classes dropped.

It’s an odd feeling, knowing I don’t have to think about school until January. It’s the first real break I’ve taken in 14 years. My goal is to replenish the savings account, which has been accumulating dust ever since I went to Europe. I still can’t decide if I’m being wise or just lazy, but I guess it doesn’t matter. If you can’t be irresponsible when you’re young, when can you?

Chelsea 2.0, welcome to the blogosphere

26 Aug

It seems like every college kid, newly married couple, grandma, political activist, fishing enthusiast, semi-talented poet, and bored guy at work is starting a blog these days. While I normally avoid jumping on trendy bandwagons (I always think of that game Lemmings that I used to play in second grade computer class) I think the blogging phenomenon is ultimely worthwhile. Sure, there’s a lot of worthless crap on the internet, and you may think that what I consider an amazing insight or hilarious anecdote is no more valuable to you than pictures of Susie Stranger’s latest craft project. I’ve got a newsflash for you naysayers – no one’s holding a gun to your head. If you hate my blog, don’t complain, don’t comment. Just stop reading. To everyone else, ENJOY!