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Chopped: Something’s got me puzzled

24 May

So I was watching Food Network’s Chopped tonight and was struck again by an annoyance that has always plagued me while watching the show. Have you ever noticed that as each freshly chopped chef exits the kitchen, he/she walks down a hallway as an automatic sliding glass door closes in front of them. Very dramatic. However, the door seems to have no purpose. The chefs don’t walk through the door. Just past it.

It begs the question, why is the door open in the first place, only to close before someone has the chance to go through it? Is it one final humiliation for the defeated chefs? Sorry buddy, you lost and we’re going to make you go out through the losers’ exit. One that’s not glass and automatic and emblazoned with the fancy Chopped logo. Another thing, if it’s an automatic door, why don’t we see it opening as the chefs approach? I can’t wrap my head around the mechanics of this mysterious door. How does it operate? Where does it lead? These sort of questions that eat away at me every time I watch television. Or read a book. Or walk into a supermarket. Or basically do anything in life.

If you’ve never noticed this enigma, here’s a clip from the show. You’ll see that strange door around the 45 second mark.