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At a crossroads

31 Mar

I got accepted. Both to UBC (Vancouver) and Simmons (Boston). Now what?

I have yet to hear anything about the fellowship at Simmons that I applied for, and I have no idea when I will. I also haven’t received my financial aid award letter yet. I am supposed to pay a $300 non-refundable deposit to Simmons by May 1 to hold my spot.

I got an email from UBC today: “We are really looking forward to having you join us in September. I note that we haven’t had a formal acceptance of the offer, and would like to remind you of this in case it’s an oversight… We have several anxious applicants on a waitlist, so I would appreciate a decision from you by Monday April 11 (a generous three weeks from the date of offer). If you need more time, please contact me directly. We are very eager to have you join us, but it’s important you make this decision carefully and fully informed.”

I’m at a loss. I don’t want to take up someone else’s spot, but I also don’t want to have to make a decision before I know all my options.


#70-74: British edition

15 Mar

I left for London on Friday. Although there are about a thousand things I could put on this list from my trip so far, I’ll just list enough to get me caught up.

70. FAST internet at the airport. Although I paid for it, having legitimate download speeds with which to while away the many hours I spent at JFK was well worth the $7.99.

71. Having skype on my phone. Or should I say Molly’s phone. It makes internet calling so much easier.

72. Afternoon tea. I’m the first to admit that I’m not a big fan of tea. Most teas anyway. Pam and I had afternoon tea today at the Orangerie at Kensington Palace Gardens and it was AMAZING. Maybe the coolest thing I’ve done in London so far.

73. The world is so small. We ran into another Thailand volunteer from the States during tea today. Really, what are the odds?

74. Les Miz at a fancy West End theater. Amazing, as always.

Sean and George’s Visit

10 Mar

Two weeks ago a couple of my very bestie Thailand buddies came to visit from California. Sean lives in LA and George is English. He was visiting California as part of his many, many months abroad (Europe, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, USA). They drove up to San Francisco and then through a snow storm to SLC. After being stranded for 2 days in Reno because of the snow, they finally made it here.

The road warriors (Sean on the left, George on the right)

I wanted to give them the full Utah winter experience, so we went tubing at Gorgoza Park. It was really fun, but SUPER busy because of President’s Day. Note to self, don’t go tubing on a holiday when kids are out of school. I was able to scrounge up some winter clothes for the boys so we didn’t all freeze. I think George REALLY liked his hat.

Later that night we went to the Harlem Globetrotters game, which only furthered George’s belief that everything in America is a fake version of the real thing. Staying in Hollywood hasn’t helped that either. The game was fun but oh so awkward. We bought tickets in my mom’s office suite, expecting that as usual, we would be the only ones in it. When we arrived however, the entire suite was FULL. And I mean totally full. They were having some kind of family party. Catered and everything. They were as confused as we were when we walked in and asked if maybe we had the wrong suite. I assured them we didn’t and we shuffled awkwardly into some seats in the corner. We all studiously ignored each other until the end of the game. I found out later that an attorney at my mom’s office had bought out the suite and then we were accidentally sold tickets that shouldn’t have been sold. All around a totally uncomfortable situation. We made the best of it though and managed to have a good time.


On Tuesday the boys had to head home. I took them to see Temple Square, which is basically SLC’s  only tourist attraction. However, I don’t think I’m a very good tour guide. We met many missionaries who were happy to show us around though AND do their best to share the message of the church with the boys. There were several rather awkward silences in response to religious questions, but I did my best to try to shield them from the missionaries’ full court press. We also went to the roof of the Conference Center to look out on our beautiful city. After lunch the boys began their journey home.


Me trying to explain all the buildings at Temple Square

I was so happy Sean and George came to visit. Although I would have loved to see either one of them separately, it was especially nice to have them come together. It made the reunion that much sweeter because it reminded me of our many great adventures together in Thailand. Love you boys!

#69: Photo Memories

10 Mar

Today I’m thankful for the photo memories box on facebook. I just started noticing that facebook brings up old photos you’ve posted in a section titled “Photo Memories.” (It’s in the upper right corner, where they do “people you might know”.) It’s fun to see random photos from your past. I like it.


9 Mar

So much to report on lately. First I’ll update my list, and then maybe post about what’s been going on lately. Also, I realized my counting is off somehow, so I’m adjusting 😉

57. I leave for London in 2 days! Honestly I CANNOT wait. I can’t decide what I’m more excited about: visiting new places or seeing old friends.

58. The first ingredient in Goldfish Crackers is “smiles”. That makes me smile.

59. I can FINALLY apply for the fellowship at Simmons College I’ve been wanting for the past year. Keep your fingers crossed.

60. Old professors that are still willing to help me out. I spent almost an hour with an old Comm professor the other day working on my resume and cover letter.

61. Alton Brown’s lemon curd recipe. Every time I make it I remember why it’s the most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten.

62. Getting together with old friends. A couple weeks ago I had lunch with all the girls from high school and today I had lunch with some other high school friends. It’s so fun to catch up and realize that even the guys you thought would never grow up eventually do.

63. Book club. The first meeting was a smashing success. More on that later.

64. My nephew Blake. On Sunday he performed a “rock show” for us. All I can say is that I think I see the next Eddie Van Halen. Videos will be posted.

65. Joshua Radin. He’s my new musical love. Well I’ve always loved his music, but after attending his concert last week I am in love with him personally. If he asked me to marry him tomorrow I would totally say yes. Also, he decorated the stage at his show with lamps. How cool is that. (I really like lamps.) Here’s a little snippet of the show for your viewing pleasure.

66. Molly nearly got into a brawl at the Joshua Radin concert. If you watched the link above, you may notice that it’s perhaps the most mellow concert in the history of live music. Lucky for us she’s a big pansy and backed down ASAP when the angry girl in question tried to pick a fight. 100% HI-LARIOUS.

67. Smart cookie ice cream sandwiches. A giant scoop of ice cream sandwiched between two homemade cookies of your choice. For $3 you can’t get a better treat.

68. Pandora radio. It fills all the empty hours with musical love.