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She’s a maniac!

29 Feb

I had all these ambitions to blog the whole time I was on vacation in Florida. However, as with most of my lofty goals, it never happened. Turns out theme parking is a lot of work. I was tired by the end of the day. And my guilt over not doing any homework was simply exhausting.

I posted all the pics on facebook, so I won’t post them again. I will give you something even better though. Please enjoy this short clip of Molly dancing like a mad women at the Diana Ross concert at Universal Studios. She was amazing by the way. Diana Ross that is, although Molly was pretty stellar herself. I can only hope I’m still rocking out when I’m her age.

My love/hate relationship with travel

22 Feb

My mom’s pretty amazing. She decided to take my whole family (and if you know us, we’re quite a large group) on a vacation to Disney World. I’ve spent the better part of the last 6 months super stoked about the trip. In fact, it’s pretty much been the only thing keeping me going these last few weeks of school. In all that anticipation however, I seem to have forgotten what a pain it is travel. You know, those super frustrating, totally annoying pet peeves that you always conveniently forget until the next time you’re stuck with a 7 hour layover in some random town in Kentucky.

So after many many hours of travel today that included getting up in the 4 o’clock hour, standing at a bus stop in the rain, taking a 5 hour shuttle and then 2 plane rides, I’ve compiled my list of grievances about airlines, airports and my fellow travelers.

  • Women who look like they stepped out of a Jet Setter magazine photo shoot. Sorry ladies, but your perfectly disheveled, I-look-this-good-even-after-a-12-hour-flight look is making everyone else (including me) hate you. Let’s keep it real. Everyone knows you can’t possibly look like that naturally. Just break out the day old ponytail and sweatpants already!
  • Chain restaurants that charge double in the airport. I resent the fact that you can overcharge me simply because I’m trapped in the building. Once you go through those security gates, there’s no going back. I’m stuck with $3.00 bottles of water and $7.00 Big Macs.
  • Airports without free wi-fi. Come on guys, I’m paying and arm and a leg to fly these days. The least you could do is let me check my email during my layover.
  • Airlines that skimp on the snacks. Free food on flights shorter than 6 hours has pretty much gone the way of dodo so I’m not expecting much. I figure for the several hundred dollars that I paid for my flight though, I should at least get a bag of peanuts. And a flight attendant that doesn’t scowl when you ask for the whole can of ginger ale.
  • Frigid temperatures. No matter what I wear, I am constantly freezing on airplanes. It’s like they are trying to make an already incredibly uncomfortable situation even worse. I’ve taken to keeping an extra pair of socks to slip on during the flight.
  • The exit row trade-off.I’m not sure if this is true on every plane, but it seems like what you gain in leg room in the exit row you lost in the ability to comfortably recline your seat. The several times I have been faced with the option of an exit row seat I have struggled with this dilemma. As you know, I’m a bit of a giant. I have long legs that just don’t fit comfortably into seats which I can only imagine were designed for an early race of tiny humans.

Now that I’m here though, I’m sure I will forget these trials until the time comes for me to return once again to the dreaded airport.