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I should have my own TLC special

14 Jul

The week after we got back from Seattle, Molly and I moved into our new apartment. It’s in Midvale (only about 4 miles away from the rest of the DiFrancesco clan) but it’s to have our own space. Although the complex is pretty nice, any apartment would look ghetto sans decoration of any kind. So over the 4th of July weekend Molly and I decorated the new place.

We had grand plans, but so far we’ve only gotten as far as the living room. I came across the cutest fabric ever on my friend Becky’s blog and immediately ran to Ikea to buy some of my own. Because I’m not a sewer and Molly was intimidated by the project, JoLynne’s mom was nice enough to make us some pillow covers. You can’t see the fabric very well in the pic, but it’s SUPER cute.

Molly LOVES this picture more than anything. I have to say that it does tie the whole room together.
This is another of her favorite purchases. Ten bucks at TJ Max Home Goods. PS – that’s the greatest home store ever.

We had a pretty ugly coffee/end table set so we decided to paint it. They used to be this weird cherry wood color, but with a little spray paint and some very sore pointer fingers they look pretty good.

Molly is so proud of this bookshelf she built. We bought it at Target and she put it together all by herself.

The cutest part of all (and by far the most work) is our orange wall. I was a little concerned that it wasn’t going to look good, but after the third coat it looked great. Not bad for my first paint job. We also bought this super cute mirror at Home Goods. It was chipped but Molly painted over the wood and it’s good as new – and $15 cheaper. Excellent.

All in all, I think we did a great job making over our living room. Definitely TLC worthy.

The Emerald City (not the one from the Wizard of Oz)

7 Jul

Alright guys, I’ve been terribly remiss in my blog posting. Lots has happened, but I will keep this one to my recent trip to Seattle. The trip was amazing! We left Salt Lake early on Monday morning and made the long trip in 13 and a half hours. I realize there are about a zillion pics on this post, so I won’t be mad if you get bored halfway through (or a third of the way, or 3 pictures in…)

On the way home we stopped in Salmon, Idaho.
No trip would be complete without visiting Wells Fargo.

We ate at Bertram’s – home of the greatest Monte Cristo sandwich on earth.

We got to go to our good friend Julie’s wedding reception while we were in Seattle.

It was at the Salish Lodge, which is right above the BEAUTIFUL Snoqualmie Falls.

We went to the Pacific Science Center. This table was huge!

We love science…

almost as much as Molly loves Jord.

I’m a surprisingly good rock climber.

We also visited the zoo.

This is a gross picture but we HAD to have one in front of the gum wall.

Most amazing place ever.

Ok, so we went to the Experience Music Project/Science Fiction Museum which was the coolest museum I have ever been to. We spent more than an hour in the very first room. They also had an exhibit all about Jim Hensen (puppets and all). This is Molly, Jimmi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Kyle, Keith Moon and me.

At the top of the space needle. I think everyone in Seattle thought Molly and I were lesbians. Good thing it’s a very gay friendly city 😉

First Starbucks ever.

We heart McDreamy

Totem pole of love. I’m definitely on top.

As soon as he saw this penguin, Kyle immediately gave it a huge hug.

Cutest picture ever from our harbor cruise. We were too cheap to spend $15 bucks on it though.

Seattle Aquarium

We tried to take a picture at every state line, but Idaho was the only one that we could pull over at.