My Life List

  1. Make homemade mozzarella cheese **Completed Dec, 2013. So delicious!**
  2. Bake yeast bread from scratch (and have it turn out) **Completed Feb, 2014 with the best orange rolls in the universe**
  3. Learn to sail
  4. Go rock climbing on a real outside rock
  5. Make/create something good enough to display in my house
  6. Make a scrapbook/photo book of my time in Thailand
  7. Make 25 thank you cards and use them all
  8. Read 200 books **Check out my On the Nightstand page to see what I’m reading**
  9. Visit a continent I’ve never been to (Africa, Australia, South America, Antarctica)
  10. See the Grand Canyon
  11. Visit the Library of Congress **Completed Oct 20, 2012**
  12. Get a job as a librarian
  13. Get my master’s degree **Completed April, 2013**
  14. See Billy Joel in concert. I’ll never forgive myself for missing the last opportunity.
  15. Cook with something that I’ve grown myself
  16. Attend the worship services of another faith I’ve never visited before
  17. Make homemade pasta
  18. Go to the Renegade Craft Fair
  19. Lose 30 pounds (and stay there) **I’m amending this goal to get to a BMI of lower than 25**
  20. Fall in love with a good man
  21. Visit a friend in another city/state/country **Visited Ebony in Urbana, Illinois Oct, 2013**
  22. Build my personal library up to more than 200 books **last I checked I was over 100**
  23. Fill an entire journal
  24. Attend a taping of the Daily Show
  25. Save 6 months worth of expenses in an emergency fund
  26. Read the entire BOM for the first time since I was 16
  27. Take an series of international cooking classes—either focusing on international cuisine or are actually located in another country
  28. Make a perfect chocolate soufflé
  29. Drink butterbeer **Completed Feb. 2012 during the DiFran Clan Disney Family Vaca, and yes, it was AMAZING**
  30. Run a half marathon
  31. Play 18 holes of golf
  32. Attend a supreme court hearing
  33. Knit a scarf that’s cute enough to wear
  34. Sing at a karaoke bar
  35. Host a holiday meal **Completed Oct 10, 2011 aka Canadian Thanksgiving**
  36. Swim with bioluminescent plankton **I saw bioluminescent plankton in the San Blas islands in Panama. I later swam in the same water. Counting it. May 2013**
  37. Have a reunion with my Thailand buddies **Pam’s wedding – July, 2014**
  38. Visit Croatia
  39. Go to the Kentucky Derby
  40. See the aurora borealis
  41. Enter something in the State Fair
  42. Take a meditation course

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