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My third greatest fear

19 Sep

Some people are afraid of strangers. Some people are germaphobes. My greatest paranoia is identity theft. I have “ASK FOR ID” written on the signature lines of all my credit cards and I thank cashiers when they check my drivers license. Now it looks like my suspicion is justified.

I got a message yesterday from Chase bank trying to verify some credit card activity. I checked my account online and didn’t see anything weird. Because I hadn’t lost my card I wasn’t that worried about it. Until today, that is, when I tried to buy a book from and my card got declined. I promptly called my credit card company to get it all straitened out. Apparently someone got a hold of my card number and tried to make more than $1200 worth of fraudulent charges. Luckily the bank thought it was suspicious and called me to check it out.

There was no harm done. The bank caught it within 24 hours. None of the charges went through and I don’t have to pay for anything. I simply closed my account and opened a new one. I can’t help being freaked out about it though. It’s like how you always lock your front door during the day even though you don’t really think someone is going to burglarize you in broad daylight and then BAM! You’re standing in the empty living room of your neighbor’s freshly burgled house thinking to yourself, “Man, it’s sure a good thing I lock my doors all the time.” Right now I’m thinking, “Man, it sure is a good thing I have a good bank and paid the extra five bucks for fraud protection.”

As I cut up my credit card into about a hundred different pieces I can’t help but wonder how the thief got my card number in the first place and that sends my mind reeling with the possibility that all the online retailers I shop at are not as safe as they claim. My uncanny propensity to think like a criminal is not helping as I imagine all the ingenious ways I would go about stealing someones credit card number. I have to take a deep breath and a step back to keep myself from becoming overcome with increasing level of anxiety I’m feeling. I keep reminding myself that there was no harm done. The bank caught it within 24 hours. None of the charges went through and I don’t have to pay for anything. I simply closed my account and opened a new one.

My paranoia has been cranked up a notch though, which can be good or bad depending on how you look at it. I will double check my bank statements from now on and be even more nervous about identity theft. I wonder if the would-be felon had any idea the price my already suspicious psyche was going to pay. I guess he thought it was worth about $1200.

It’s all about utilizing the double word score

16 Sep

This weekend Molly, Kyle and I had a Scrabble night. With my dad’s help, who is actually one of the best Scrabble players I know, Molly creamed us. She used “grazes” two make two words, each on a double word score. We didn’t stand a chance. In round two without her PIC (that’s partner in crime for those of you who don’t use acronyms for everything), Kyle and I put up a much better showing. I pulled out a crushing victory of more than 40 points.

This weekend reminded me of how great board games really are. They have all the elements of a rocking good time; the three T’s if you will.

  • Togetherness: Probably the greatest thing about board games is that they bring people together. Whether it’s family, old friends or people you known only for the hour since you finally showed up to a single’s ward FHE, games are the perfect way to bring together a group.
  • Teams: So this one kind of goes with togetherness, and it’s somewhat contingent on what game you’re playing, but you can still catch my drift nonetheless. Team games foster cooperation and friendly rivalry (or not so friendly depending on who you’re playing with.) Competition is twice as fun when you have someone to cheer for your wins and console you in your losses.
  • Time to talk: Board games are one of the few group activities that allow you to carry on conversations during play. Try having a heart to heart during a frenzied game of lazer tag. Not going to happen. The NBA playoffs. Probably not. The premier of Prison Break. Not if you still want to be able to talk afterwards.

My point is, board games rock. If it’s been a while since you busted out Life, broke out the Monopoly board or dusted off your Scrabble tiles I highly suggest you do. Believe me, you’ll have a great time.

What Fun Is

8 Sep

As promised, here are pictures of all the cool stuff I’ve done this summer. Kylie, Landon, Kyle and I went to Lagoon this weekend. It was really really fun. The weather was perfect for the park, but a little too cold for Lagoon A Beach. We had to seek warmth in the hot tubs.

Did you know that there’s a jail at Lagoon that they really used to throw drunkards in when they got too rowdy?

Choo choo!

My favorite ride by far was Wicked (aka the best roller coaster ever!)

Apparently there’s some controversy as to whether or not Alexander Graham Bell really invented the telephone. Blows my mind.

For Kyle’s birthday we took the Intro to Caving class at Timpanogos caves. We got to wear hard hats and everything.

There were two girls from Colorado who took the class with us. The other guy was our sweet tour guide Marc.

Our bums were really dirty afterwards. It was pretty much the coolest thing ever.

Pictures soon to come

8 Sep

Ok, so I’m sorry I haven’t posted any pics but I’m a busy girl and the only time I ever update the blog is at work. I am going to make an effort though to put some up. I know you’re waiting breathlessly in anxious anticipation.