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Poor poor Gav

31 May

So there are many many things I need to talk about on the blog, my trip to Seattle, graduation, my grandmother’s funeral, the upcoming trip to Thailand, etc, but tonight my mind is pretty occupied with my brother Gavin’s medical problems. He’s been sick for about 3 weeks. It’s mostly been flu-like symptoms (we all got sick with it) but he hasn’t been able to shake it. We took him to the hospital twice. The first time he stayed for 4 days. Because it’s been so long, my mom finally got sick of the stupid ER doctors and called our regular doctor to see what to do. He scheduled a blood transfusion for this morning.
When my mom took him in this morning he had a slight fever. As they started the first pint his fever spiked. The finally decided that it was time to do some real tests to figure out what’s going on. It’s about freaking time if you asked me. Up to this point, all the doctors have been doing have been rehydrating him and sending him home. The CT scan showed that there was blood in his lungs, fluid in his abdomen, a SUPER enlarged colon and that he was only born with 1 kidney (random).
The doctors were the most worried about the colon. They all said they’d never seen anyone with one that was that big. They even called in the Chief of Surgery to check out the scans. They think he has a syndrome that causes the nerves in the large intestine not to develop with the rest of the body. He’s probably had it since he was a kid, which explains his lifelong intestinal problems.
They admitted him to the hospital tonight and prepped him for a colonoscopy tonight. He had to drink 4 liters of this laxative fluid. When the nurse brought in the jug he was like “Holy crap!” and then when she said he had to drink it in 4 hours he said “Oh shit!” Probably the most hilarious thing ever. After everything he’s been through he still can crack me up. Depending on what the colonoscopy shows, he’ll probably have to have surgery to remove the part of his colon that isn’t working. My mom told him that drinking all of it was going to be the worst part of all of it and he said “Yeah, except for the surgery.” Always the realist.
That’s the situation right now. All us kids went to see him tonight and Christian and my dad gave him a blessing. All we can do is hope for the best and stay positive about everything. Hopefully this will all benefit him in the long run.


Political Situation in Thailand

3 May

A bunch of people have asked me if I’m worried about the political situation in Thailand. I just read this newsletter written by the program director at the Mirror Foundation where I’ll be working. It gives some interesting background to the current situation and has allayed most of my fears. Here’s the link if you want to read the whole thing.