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Birthday in December

14 Dec

For those of you who don’t know, my birthday is in October. Because I currently live in Canada though, I decided to postpone my family celebration until I came home for the holidays. Last Sunday my sister (who’s birthday is actually in December) and I had a joint celebration.

So, I’ve found that as you get older  presents don’t really matter as much. But they still matter. Especially when you accidentally know you’re getting something awesome. Let’s pause here to explain. Way back in August I walked into my parents’ house to find a giant box on their kitchen counter with a return address from Scholastic Books. It was covered with Harry Potter lightning bolts. I also happened to know that the HP 7 book gift set had been on clearance the previous week at, and that my sister had gently hinted to my mom that it would make an excellent addition to my library. Shocked that I don’t already have the books? Well, I do…mostly paperbacks and in various states of disrepair. Definitely not going to make it the many, many years before I can  pass them down to my own children.

Back to the story. I eagerly made my way through the siblings’ gifts. I got an electric heated snuggie*, an edges only brownie pan** and  Inheritance, the last Eragon book. All excellent gifts, but not the gift. Finally as the pile shrank, and Rachel and I had each opened all of our presents, my mom handed me a $100 dollar bill. And my heart broke a little. It’s not that I’m not grateful for the money, I definitely am.  Heaven knows I need it. I am so poor however, that the money will be used to buy textbooks and groceries, and Harry Potter will have to wait.

Moral(s) of the story:

  1. Don’t be nosy and look at your gifts. Even if it’s 3 months before your birthday and the box is sitting out on the counter in plain sight and there’s nothing you can do to avoid seeing it.
  2. If you find out you’re getting something awesome, keep it a secret because you’re mom might feel guilty that you know about it and plan on getting you something else, but then run out of time because your twin sister is getting married two weeks after you celebrate your two-month-late birthday and she’s about to have a nervous breakdown so she gives you cash instead.

*I am a snuggie lover. I wasn’t sure the original could be improved upon. Then I discovered the magic that is the heated electric snuggie. It combines the warming benefits of an electric blanket with the mobility and overall awesome-ness of the traditional snuggie. Ah-mazing.

**This invention is the greatest thing to happen to brownies since Ghirardelli baking chips. Imagine every piece had edges on every side. Can you imagine anything more outside-crispy, inside-gooey and totally fraught with deliciousness? I dare say you cannot.


Epic fail

18 Oct

Today I had my first really disheartening grad school experience. We got our grades back for our first cataloging assignment. We had to take some bibliographic records (you know, those long reference citations that have title, author, year, publisher, etc for books and articles and websites) and then cite all the formatting rules from the AACR2 (Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, 2nd Ed.) used to create those records. Try to remember back when you used to have to figure out bibliographies for research papers. It’s like doing that, but backwards. It was a terrible assignment. I hated every minute of it. The AACR2 totally made me its bitch. I’m pretty sure I got the worst grade in the class. I’m not exaggerating; people are pretty open about their grades, so I had a lot to compare myself to. **Silver lining, my 78% is actually a B+ here at UBC. They are so weird with their grading in Canada.** Anyway, despite the B+, it was a pretty dismal performance on my part. And now I’m sad.

At a crossroads

31 Mar

I got accepted. Both to UBC (Vancouver) and Simmons (Boston). Now what?

I have yet to hear anything about the fellowship at Simmons that I applied for, and I have no idea when I will. I also haven’t received my financial aid award letter yet. I am supposed to pay a $300 non-refundable deposit to Simmons by May 1 to hold my spot.

I got an email from UBC today: “We are really looking forward to having you join us in September. I note that we haven’t had a formal acceptance of the offer, and would like to remind you of this in case it’s an oversight… We have several anxious applicants on a waitlist, so I would appreciate a decision from you by Monday April 11 (a generous three weeks from the date of offer). If you need more time, please contact me directly. We are very eager to have you join us, but it’s important you make this decision carefully and fully informed.”

I’m at a loss. I don’t want to take up someone else’s spot, but I also don’t want to have to make a decision before I know all my options.


9 Feb

I’ve been out sick for the last few days with ear infections. Yes, that right. BOTH ears are infected. This is my first experience with them and I have to say I’m not a fan. Not at all. Anyway, I have a lot of catching up to do.

34. My ear infection is better. Well, mostly. But at least now I don’t feel like I’m going to fall over or throw up every time I stand up.

35. Kneaders red velvet cupcakes. Generally I think red velvet is an overrated flavor, but these are amazing. Truly.

36. stumble upon. This has revolutionized the way I waste time online.

37. Nutty Guys yogurt pretzels. They saved me from hating my life on the couch these past few days. Although I think I’ve gained a few pounds as a result.

38. I finally figured out (most of) the logistics of my upcoming trip to London. I have been freaking out about it for a couple of weeks. My original plan was to come back early and spend the weekend in Boston with my friend Julie. However, it quickly became apparent that that option was going to be painful, time consuming and expensive. After MUCH deliberation and two flight changes, I finally decided to extend my stay in Europe and play with my good friends there. Even with the change fees, it will still be cheaper I think and much more convenient.

39. I FINALLY got the new Katy Perry cd. Thanks Kyle for letting me steal all your music!

40. Chatting with friends via facebook. I don’t know what’s changed. I’m sure you all remember that Facebook chat used to suck. Bad. But lately I’ve been using it all the time with no problems.

College is for losers

3 Feb

Drama with the college apps. I submitted everything on Tuesday like I was supposed to. However, when I submitted my app to UW, I also applied for an application fee waiver, which you couldn’t apply for until you submitted your application. It took 24 hours for the waiver request to be accepted. When I got the acceptance email, I logged into my UW account to finish processing it. However, because I hadn’t paid yet, my application hadn’t really been submitted. I was dumbfounded, because the fee application instructions didn’t mention anything about needing to file the waiver ahead of time. And now I had missed the deadline.

I promptly called the admissions office to see what I could do. They told me to submit the application for the next year (Fall 2012) and then call the department and have them change the application. I couldn’t get a hold of anyone on the phone in the MLIS dept, so I sent the following email:

“Yesterday I tried to submit the application for the MLIS program starting Fall 2011. My application was ready on time, but I had to request the application fee waiver. By the time my waiver request was granted, the deadline for the Fall 2011 submission had passed. I submitted my application for Fall 2012 instead, and I was wondering if you can change it to Fall 2011. I really appreciate your help in this matter.”

The responded with this heart wrencher:


Thank you for contacting me about this issue. The MLIS application deadline was posted as February 1, 2011 when the application opened on September 1, 2010. The MLIS admissions committee established this date as a hard deadline for the program. (A hard deadline means that we are not able to accept applications after that date.)

We understand that you intended to submit your application on the day of the deadline (February 1) and applied for a fee waiver in the same transaction. The fee waiver was not approved until the next day (February 2). I contacted the UW Graduate School regarding your application and was told that you applied for the fee waiver at 4:36pm on February 1. They also indicated that it can take up to 24 hours for fee waivers to be approved and that when applicants receive this information, they can decide to wait for the waiver to be approved or pay the fee in order to submit their application.

Based on the information provided in your email and the information we received from the UW Graduate School, we are not able to accommodate your request to submit an application after the deadline. We understand that this decision is probably disappointing to your and we hope you can understand our position and our decision to honor the application deadline that was posted online and in the application instructions.”

I’m FURIOUS, as much with myself as with the school. I would have loved to live in Seattle, and it breaks my heart that I can’t go to school there. As disappointed as I am though, I am secretly relieved that my difficult choice has been narrowed down to two schools. It’s a silver lining I suppose.

Locked in

21 Jan

I’ve been having this problem where the driver-side door of my car won’t unlock and I’m stuck inside. It’s not really that fun. I’ve been having to climb in and out of my passenger door all day. I won’t lie, I feel like a total idiot every time. Definitely not a fan.

I’m taking it in next week, but they don’t know how they’re going to look at it when the door won’t open.

53 in a 35 construction zone

24 Feb

I got pulled over for the first time ever today. (Obviously I got my first ticket as well.) I figure 6 years without a ticket is pretty good. Much better than most teenagers anyway. I was lucky though that the cop was merciful. I was going 18 over the speed limit in a construction zone, but he gave me a warning for the construction and only ticketed me for 5 over. Very lucky.

I do have to say that I’m mostly annoyed because I’m the poorest I’ve ever been and I am having all these sudden unexpected expenses. I lost my glasses a while ago and I have to buy new ones. I have to pay for a ticket. The list goes on…

I suppose it’s character building or something, but right now it just seems like a pain in my neck.