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Decade in review

7 Jan

Well, it’s been many many moons since I last posted and I’m not sure how to sum it up. It’s been a rough couple of months, but I managed to make it through and things are looking much brighter these days. Since it’s the start of a new decade, I thought I’d review what’s happened to me in the last 10 years (thanks Becky for the idea-although I don’t have any pics because I’m too lazy to scan them from my old yearbooks). My memory is terrible though, so you’ll get only the random highlights I can remember. Also, I have to go by school years because that’s how all students measure time.

1999/2000: 6th grade in all it’s glory. This was my first real year at Riverside Elementary, since we moved halfway through 5th grade and got stuck on terrible B track. Molly and I were in Mr Stavros’ class this year with Jennie, Amanda and Angela. I loved pre-algebra with Mr Z. This is also the year I became friends with Rachel T. I can’t believe it’s been 10 years and she’s still one of my best friends. I remember many long walks discussing my love for Joe and her drama with Micah. I also played Dromio in possibly the best Shakespear play ever performed by 12 year olds. *Bonus funny story: one of my best friends was named Jessica. Towards the end of the year I asked her if she thought we’d still be friends in middle school. She promptly and matter-of-factly answered no. Tragic. The friendship ended there.

2000/2001: My first year of middle school. My first friend in middle school was Megan G. We met in art class and bonded over our love for Newsies. I had the infamous Mrs. Cox for TLC-TWICE! Whoa Nelly! (Only the WJMS alumni will understand). This was the year I was introduced to the torture that is swimming for gym class. Imagine running dripping wet from the pool to the school in the middle of winter. And then the added benefit of smelling like chlorine all day. I remember I had home ec. right after gym and Mrs. Brumfield threatened to dock my grade because I had more than 20 tardies.

2001/2002: Eighth grade was memorable. Both 9/11 and the Elizabeth Smart kidnapping happened during this school year, which will help me remember this year forever. I also chopped all my hair off this year. I loved it, everyone else hated it. Especially the boys. I don’t know why they are so prejudiced against short hair. Lame. I LOVED Mr. Brooks and Mr. Holt for English and History. Who can forget Brooks’ grammar songs? I will remember the “be” verbs until the day I die. I won the We the People speech contest and got to go to the state competition. Molly and I also got in our first real and lasting fight this year. It was terrible. Fortunately we were able to work things out and have been closer than ever ever since.

2002/2003: My last year of middle school. I was on stage crew and the National Junior Honor Society historian. Believe it or not, these were fairly cool positions to have. This year was full of awards. I got Lion of the Quarter and plenty at the end of the year assembly: best student of the year in both Enlish and Science and something for getting a 4.0 for my entire Jr. High career. This was probably the peak of my academic success. I pretty much coasted after that. I also got my first job that summer working at Glacier’s Yummy Ice. I became (and still am) addicted to blueberry coconut snowcones with cream.

2003/2004: A year of firsts. On my first day of school I fell flat on my face in the cafeteria during lunch. I learned how to drive and got in my first car accident only 3 days after getting my license. I went on my first date. I got my first cell phone. I got my first B, which was both devastating and incredibly liberating. I got my first real job at Shopko, followed quickly by my second real job at the law firm. My had my first kiss with a random boy at the skating rink, which literally swept me off my feet (I fell on the ice immediately afterwards). I also had the most rocking sweet 16 party ever. My parents surprised us with a party at this awesome cabin with about 20 of our closest guy and girl friends-girls slept over and guys went home after.

2004/2005: The year that I loved, even though it almost killed me. This was by far my most difficult year of school as far as classes go. I was in AP History and Calculus, which kicked my butt pretty much every day. I remember having a integrals party with my friend Jessica (different than 6th grade Jessica) during spring break while my sister had a legitimate party. I had my first real kiss at prom this year. I kissed him because I was sick of waiting for him to do it. One of my favorite memories was our backwards party: everything was backwards including the clothes everyone wore. This was also the year we designated our group of friends the Terrible 10 during one particularly boring day in physics. We each had our own “terrible” nickname, mine was Chainsaw Chel. I was never pleased with it. This summer I went to Chicago for the TSA national competition-my first vacation on my own.

2005/2006: My final year as a minor. I turned 18, which was no big deal except that I registered to vote and I went to the Price is Right. I was the editor of the school paper. It’s not as impressive as it sounds. The JagWire was a pretty pathetic paper that was marginally less pathetic by the time I finished with it. I got the National Merit Scholarship that opened the door to Westminster College for me. I was school Salutatorian, meaning that I had to sit quietly on the stage during graduation instead of chatting in the back with my friends. I also took an amazing trip to Hawaii with my family.

2006/2007: College freshman. I moved out of my parents’ into the ghetto-est house EVER in Sugarhouse. We had plants from the outside growing on the inside. Luckily it was right across the street from Westminster. School was new and exciting, but Honors Humanities was the hardest class I have ever taken. I decided on Communication as a major, without really knowing what I wanted to do. I sent Andy out on a mission and wrote many many letters. In March I bought a new car all by myself and moved home to save money.

2007/2008: The beginning of my year of travel. I took a spur of the moment trip to San Francisco with three of my friends, officially beginning my year of travel. School was the same as usual. I continued plugging along, taking advanced French in addition to Comm and Honors courses. I used this new skill as an excuse to take a May Term trip to Europe with my friend Angela. Three weeks in France and Spain further solidified my already rock-solid love for travel. My grandfather died this year, which was an odd experience for me. I wasn’t close with him at all, and I was filled with regret for never getting to know him and guilt for my lack of grief.

2008/2009: The end of my year of travel. I took the fall semester off to accomodate my travels to Boston, Vermont and Hawaii. Totalled, I spent more than 8 weeks on vacation in 12 months. Amazing is all I can say. I returned to school reluctantly, but I eager to see everyone again. A significant highlight was learning to snowboard. I’m too poor and too busy to get good at it, but I love it anyway. Andy came home this year and promptly broke up with me, more than slightly breaking my heart. In hindsight it was a wise move, but it was difficult at the time.

2009-present: As I said before, this year has been a difficult one. I have struggled mentally and emotionally, which caused me to struggle academically. However, my family came to my rescue and I was able to pull myself together enough to finish up the semester and enjoy the holidays. With the help of my family and my doctor things are looking way way up. I began my last semester of college this week with a mixture of anticipation and dread. I am looking forward to my summer adventure in Thailand (I’ll write more about that later) and hopefully many more adventures to follow.

Reflecting on the last 10 years makes me realize how very lucky I am. Thanks you all of you who have helped me grow up over the last decade. Without you I am sure I would be a very different person.