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4 Nov

Halloween is an excellent opportunity for grown ups to relive their childhoods. They get to dress up, eat lots of candy, and, if you’re like me, play all the games you loved as a little kid. To start off my Hallween Extravaganza, I had a pumpkin carving contest. Christian and Rachel came over with the kids and joined m, Molly, Kyle, Andy and two of Molly’s Oakcrest buddies in the ulitmate carving contest.

I tried to get fancy with the paper pattern, but it was a little to fragile. The window in my pumpkin broke. Luckily, broken windows only add to the spookiness of Halloween.

On Halloween night, Kylie and Landon were great enough to invite Molly, Kyle and I over for a rockin’ All Hallows Eve party. After much deliberation, the three of us dressed up as Harry Potter characters – complete with time turner, dark mark and platinum blonde hair.

Everyone at the party had excellent costumes. The Burgener were Han Solo and Princess Leia, their friend Jesse dressed up as a founding father (Hamilton, Washington, who knows?) and Jenna was Elphaba from Wicked.

During the party we played pin the tail on the werewolf, complete with handmade tails and blindfold.
Next came the cookie decorating contest. I won by a landslide.

Then there was the most classic party game of all. The eating donuts off a string race. I put up an admirable fight, but Jesse beat me.

Landon won after he steamrolled Kyle.

All in all, this Halloween was a smashing success. Thanks for participating everyone!