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Good Dirty Fun

4 Jun

This Saturday Christian, JoLynne, Rachel and I all ran in the Dirty Dash: an obstacle course through the mud. We had to take the shortcut version of the course (3.5 miles instead of 5.5) in order to be back in time to take the kids through the Piglet Plunge. My back was more than a bit worse for the wear the next day, but it was well worth the beating to get to slip and slide through the mud.

Dirty Dash

Just one of those days

10 Jan

You know how some days are just terrible? Everything seems to go wrong and by the time the sun goes down you’re ready to climb into bed and hope that something better comes in the morning. Today was NOT one of those days. The opposite in fact. Today just one of those great days where everything is happy and you feel good. I got a job as a research assistant, doing research I’m really excited about with people I really like. I made a delicious (and healthy) dinner. The beautiful sunshine outside inspired me to go running, resulting in me 10% running, 90% walking for almost an hour. I finally got a VPL library card and checked out a book I’ve been wanting to read for ages. And now I’m off to bed early, ready to take on my 8:00 am class tomorrow morning.

I hope my happy isn’t too loud for you all. I’m sure I’ll return to normal in the morning 🙂

I went running for the first time

3 Sep

I went running for the first time in my new town yesterday. I bought some new running shoes before I left, so it was good to test them out. I must say, I do approve. They are super comfortable.

Besides being proud that I actually went running, I am also dismally ashamed at how out of shape I am. I only made it a mile yesterday. And I am sore today. Tragic. Hopefully I can keep it up though, and impress everyone back home with my amazing athletic abilities. Or maybe just run a 5 k haha…

#117: Third day’s the charm

27 Apr

Today I’m not so sore that I feel like I want to die. I guess the third day of working out is the charm. One day soon I’m hoping not to cringe with pain every time I sit down or stand up.