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Bringing magic to the holidays

7 Jan

So I feel like I need to amend my Birthday in December post. As you probably guessed, I was pretty gutted about not getting the Harry Potter book set for my birthday. It was more than a minor tragedy. My mom gave me this whole spiel about how she returned the ones she bought (that I saw back in August) because she found them cheaper at Costco, but then those ended up being paperbacks and the hard covers were sold out. Convincing stuff. Lots of detail. Anyhow, I was shocked in the most delightful way when I received the aforementioned (and not returned) box set for Christmas from my brother.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that I already have too much stuff in my tiny room in Vancouver and that I had to fit myself, all my stuff, two friends AND all their holiday luggage into my car on the way back to school, I couldn’t bring them with me. My HP rendezvous will have to wait until summer.


Birthday in December

14 Dec

For those of you who don’t know, my birthday is in October. Because I currently live in Canada though, I decided to postpone my family celebration until I came home for the holidays. Last Sunday my sister (who’s birthday is actually in December) and I had a joint celebration.

So, I’ve found that as you get older  presents don’t really matter as much. But they still matter. Especially when you accidentally know you’re getting something awesome. Let’s pause here to explain. Way back in August I walked into my parents’ house to find a giant box on their kitchen counter with a return address from Scholastic Books. It was covered with Harry Potter lightning bolts. I also happened to know that the HP 7 book gift set had been on clearance the previous week at, and that my sister had gently hinted to my mom that it would make an excellent addition to my library. Shocked that I don’t already have the books? Well, I do…mostly paperbacks and in various states of disrepair. Definitely not going to make it the many, many years before I can  pass them down to my own children.

Back to the story. I eagerly made my way through the siblings’ gifts. I got an electric heated snuggie*, an edges only brownie pan** and  Inheritance, the last Eragon book. All excellent gifts, but not the gift. Finally as the pile shrank, and Rachel and I had each opened all of our presents, my mom handed me a $100 dollar bill. And my heart broke a little. It’s not that I’m not grateful for the money, I definitely am.  Heaven knows I need it. I am so poor however, that the money will be used to buy textbooks and groceries, and Harry Potter will have to wait.

Moral(s) of the story:

  1. Don’t be nosy and look at your gifts. Even if it’s 3 months before your birthday and the box is sitting out on the counter in plain sight and there’s nothing you can do to avoid seeing it.
  2. If you find out you’re getting something awesome, keep it a secret because you’re mom might feel guilty that you know about it and plan on getting you something else, but then run out of time because your twin sister is getting married two weeks after you celebrate your two-month-late birthday and she’s about to have a nervous breakdown so she gives you cash instead.

*I am a snuggie lover. I wasn’t sure the original could be improved upon. Then I discovered the magic that is the heated electric snuggie. It combines the warming benefits of an electric blanket with the mobility and overall awesome-ness of the traditional snuggie. Ah-mazing.

**This invention is the greatest thing to happen to brownies since Ghirardelli baking chips. Imagine every piece had edges on every side. Can you imagine anything more outside-crispy, inside-gooey and totally fraught with deliciousness? I dare say you cannot.