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Canadian Thanksgiving in America

30 Oct

Canadians are so confused when it comes to Thanksgiving. Instead of being a wonderful gateway to the Christmas season, Thanksgiving here is celebrated on the first Monday in October. More than 6 weeks early! (Another example of Canadian holiday mismanagement: they light fireworks on Halloween in Vancouver. Insanity.)

Last year the roommates and I did Thanksgiving up right, and I made my first turkey. This year though, we decided to nix the big dinner because Jaime was going out of town. To cushion the blow of stuffing withdrawal, I hopped across the border to hang out with my cousin Kylie and her family in Seattle.

We spent lots of time hanging out, eating treats and rewinding the season finale of Sherlock to pick up clues about how that clever fellow managed to fake his own death. Also, because we’re the coolest kids on the block, we went to Seattle’s premier Lego convention BrickCon. The obsessive attendees reminded of how minimal my own relative nerdiness is, despite me being a librarian. However, later that day I visited the library as a tourist destination and realized I’m still a huge nerd in my own right.

The Big Bang Theory

My own Lego creation

Me, Walt and Landon at BrickCon

I nearly got stuck inside this thing at the playground

Dinner with the family

The red hall at the Seattle Public Library

How do you survive without pumpkin pie?

18 Oct

Did you guys know that they don’t have pumpkin desserts in Australia? It sort of makes me want to cry for the whole continent. I had the opportunity last weekend to introduce an Aussie from my book club to mini pumpkin cheesecakes. She said “Thank you” and I said, “You’re welcome for changing your life”.

Besides my adventures in pumpkin, lots has happened since I last posted. I’m back in Vancouver, working through my last year of library school. The end is looming closer and closer, slowly but surely increasing my panic about entering the library workforce. But my anxiety can wait for another post.

Since I returned I have been enjoying my time in this beautiful city. Really, Vancouver is pretty spectacular. The weather in September and early October was gorgeous! My roommates and I went to the pool in September. Craziness. We’ve also been trying to hit all the neighborhood fairs and markets. Those of you who know me know I love being a tourist in my own town. We went to the RIchmond Night Market, and I was reminded of the many markets I visited in Asia.


Me, Mackenzie and the Biebs at the Dunbar Harvest Festival

I started a new job this year with a program in the UBC library called the Small Business Accelerator. It’s a free online business research resource for small businesses and people looking to start their own business in BC. I’ve been doing lots of design for the website and their promotional materials, which has been really fun. I’ve been putting all my Communication student skills to good use. We went to a conference yesterday, and I got to chat with lots of small business owners and other organizations about what we do. It was super fun and got me excited about our program all over again. My boss is great and I like the other grad student a lot, so I’m really enjoying this experience.

School is pretty good. Totally insane these last couple of week. I think I have self-induced amnesia every semester about how difficult the second month is because every October and February I find myself totally shocked by the amount of work I have to do. This term I’m in 4 classes: Children’s Services, New Media for Youth, Information Assets Management (aka Records Management) and Planning and Design of Libraries. Some day I will write another post about all my classes, in case any future librarians who are curious about what we study happen to run across my blog.

Well, I have lots more to write about, but I’ll save it all for future posts. It was nice getting back in touch with you all. Although I only have a readership of like 6 people, I always enjoy posting and feeling like I’m engaging with people in my life through this blog. So yeah. Thanks for reading.

I blinked and then it was over

19 Aug

Wow, I’ve been home for nearly 4 months and I’ve yet to document my summer. I’ve been loving my time here in Utah, and I’ve managed to do tons of fun stuff. Here’s a few photo snippets of what I’ve been up to.

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Good Dirty Fun

4 Jun

This Saturday Christian, JoLynne, Rachel and I all ran in the Dirty Dash: an obstacle course through the mud. We had to take the shortcut version of the course (3.5 miles instead of 5.5) in order to be back in time to take the kids through the Piglet Plunge. My back was more than a bit worse for the wear the next day, but it was well worth the beating to get to slip and slide through the mud.

Dirty Dash

I hope we get to see Harrison Ford

3 Jun

I was recently invited to spend Memorial weekend in Driggs, ID with my oldest friend Rachel. Rachel now lives with my old roommates, who were also going on the trip, along with a bunch of their friends. The weather was cold and wet and sometimes blizzard-y, but we managed to have a great time anyway. We spent one day visiting Jackson Hole, WY and another in Yellowstone. (I can’t believe Ashlee had never been before!) We played games and ate junk food and tried on a variety of cowboy paraphernalia. More importantly, I got to eat my favorite huckleberry ice cream. On the drive home with Becca, we even managed to hit 4 states in one day. A worthwhile adventure for sure. Unfortunately for us, Harrison Ford was out of town shooting a movie. One of these times I’ll spot him…

#93: TU Delft Library

3 Apr

Being the incredible nerd that I am, a  good chunk of the excitement I felt about my recent trip to the Netherlands was centered around seeing library at TU Delft. I first ran across some photos of this amazing building when a friend forwarded me a list of the coolest libraries in the world. It didn’t disappoint. The first photo is of a desk in architecture library at the architecture school, which is another almost as cool building. I WILL have one someday.

Desk made of books at the architecture library

Sean and George’s Visit

10 Mar

Two weeks ago a couple of my very bestie Thailand buddies came to visit from California. Sean lives in LA and George is English. He was visiting California as part of his many, many months abroad (Europe, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, USA). They drove up to San Francisco and then through a snow storm to SLC. After being stranded for 2 days in Reno because of the snow, they finally made it here.

The road warriors (Sean on the left, George on the right)

I wanted to give them the full Utah winter experience, so we went tubing at Gorgoza Park. It was really fun, but SUPER busy because of President’s Day. Note to self, don’t go tubing on a holiday when kids are out of school. I was able to scrounge up some winter clothes for the boys so we didn’t all freeze. I think George REALLY liked his hat.

Later that night we went to the Harlem Globetrotters game, which only furthered George’s belief that everything in America is a fake version of the real thing. Staying in Hollywood hasn’t helped that either. The game was fun but oh so awkward. We bought tickets in my mom’s office suite, expecting that as usual, we would be the only ones in it. When we arrived however, the entire suite was FULL. And I mean totally full. They were having some kind of family party. Catered and everything. They were as confused as we were when we walked in and asked if maybe we had the wrong suite. I assured them we didn’t and we shuffled awkwardly into some seats in the corner. We all studiously ignored each other until the end of the game. I found out later that an attorney at my mom’s office had bought out the suite and then we were accidentally sold tickets that shouldn’t have been sold. All around a totally uncomfortable situation. We made the best of it though and managed to have a good time.


On Tuesday the boys had to head home. I took them to see Temple Square, which is basically SLC’s  only tourist attraction. However, I don’t think I’m a very good tour guide. We met many missionaries who were happy to show us around though AND do their best to share the message of the church with the boys. There were several rather awkward silences in response to religious questions, but I did my best to try to shield them from the missionaries’ full court press. We also went to the roof of the Conference Center to look out on our beautiful city. After lunch the boys began their journey home.


Me trying to explain all the buildings at Temple Square

I was so happy Sean and George came to visit. Although I would have loved to see either one of them separately, it was especially nice to have them come together. It made the reunion that much sweeter because it reminded me of our many great adventures together in Thailand. Love you boys!