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20 Jun

147. Giving gifts that people are excited to receive

148. Finding super cheap airfare to come home for Thanksgiving

149. Spending the day with my sisters and Jord at the Chalk Art Festival this weekend

150. Discount tickets to see Rent

151. Free tickets to the Super 8 premier. It was amazing!

152. Blog stalking for wedding ideas

153. Lagoon for free with all my favorite people

154. Dessert at the Melting Pot

155. Taking walks with Angela and Gunner

156. Making the perfect chicken without noodle soup (I was too lazy to go to the store to buy noodles)

157. Tavia told me I can now be her favorite aunt since Molly fell in love and has a new family

158. Reading stories to kids when they gasp at the scary parts

159. Using all my letters to make a word in Words With Friends

160. Dancing in the bathroom while I get ready in the morning. Luckily my mirror is the only one that sees my awesome moves.

161. Bamboo shirts from Cariloha. So soft…

162. I finally have a fan in my bedroom so I don’t roast at night.

163. Garlic burgers at the Cotton Bottom.

#128-146: Mailmen, music and good sheets

2 Jun

128. Lists. I started making a list of goals today and it’s too much fun. It makes you think of all the things you love and would love to do in the future. And it gets you excited about how much more awesome your life could be. And it makes you appreciate the little things that make you happy.

129. Google chat

130. Down comforters = soft and pillowy goodness

131. Expensive sheets. I suppose the price doesn’t really matter. What I mean is really good, high quality sheets.

132. Les Miserables. Even when it’s not an amazing performance, it’s still an amazing show. The music is fantastic.

133. Space heaters that keep me from freezing at work

134. Those first few seconds of getting into a car that’s warm from the sun. It’s like a hug.

135. Two arms that work. My friend just fractured her elbow and is in a full arm cast for 6 weeks. After talking with her I’m thanking my lucky stars for my right and my left.

136. My older brother invited me over for dinner last Sunday because he knew I was going to be all alone.

137. Looking down at the top of a staircase. Beautiful.

138. Rooftop gardens

139. Walking into a house that smells nice

140. Listening to handcrafted mixes on

141. Super Sticky Post-It Notes

142. Being surprised when you hear someone’s ringtone selection. You can learn a lot about people through the details.

143. I saw a mailman in his 50’s skateboarding out of the post office yesterday. It brightened my day.

144. Donald Trump is NOT running for president.

145. The forecast predicts 80 degrees this weekend

146. My cousin Kylie had a baby. So excited for her and Landon.