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I went running for the first time

3 Sep

I went running for the first time in my new town yesterday. I bought some new running shoes before I left, so it was good to test them out. I must say, I do approve. They are super comfortable.

Besides being proud that I actually went running, I am also dismally ashamed at how out of shape I am. I only made it a mile yesterday. And I am sore today. Tragic. Hopefully I can keep it up though, and impress everyone back home with my amazing athletic abilities. Or maybe just run a 5 k haha…


Healthy Living

27 Jan

One of my new years resolutions is to live healthier, specifically to lose 15 pounds by the time I leave for London. While blog stalking today, I ran across this awesome, informational and inspirational blog: Word of Wisdom Living. Although I usually avoid overtly such overtly LDS blogs (I often find them too preachy and/or cheesy) this one seems great.

Push-ups are the worst form of torture

5 May

Yesterday Rachel, Molly, Angela and I started the Power 90 workout. Just Power 90, no master or extreme or anything like that. We decided to start slow. Considering how sore I am today, that was probably a very wise move.

The workout alternates between strength training and cardio/abs. I think we did ok on for our first attempt — except for the push-ups. I simply cannot do them. It’s a physical impossibility.

We are meeting six nights a week to work out. We’ll see how much of a “total body transformation” it really is. Hopefully by the end of the summer I’ll be as ripped as the chick from the video. Scratch that, I don’t want her creepy muscly legs. My real goal is just to get in better shape. If I look better too that’s just a bonus.

So everyone wish us luck as we embark on our new fitness adventure. And don’t hesitate to tell us how good we look. Nothing is a better motivator than our own vanity 🙂