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Get ready for a blogging storm

31 Oct

As you may have noticed, I have been very remiss lately in regularly updating my blog. That, my dear friends, is about to change.

With the arrival of my replacement computer power cord and a whole new slew of pictures, I am all set to recommence uploading my life for your viewing pleasure. Prepare yourselves for the flood.

Cookie monsters

16 Oct

Tonight Kyle and I decided to have a debate watching/cookie making party. Although we did more cookie making than debate watching, I managed to hear a fair amount of discussion. I’ve come to the conclusion that everyone in the election is crazy and mean (although I think John McCain is especially so). I’ll be happy when all the hullaballo is over in November.

Usually, I am an excellent baker, but these days I seem to be struggling. I accidentally added two and a half times the amount of sugar into my cookie dough, so I ended up having to make a two and a half sized batch (about 9 dozen cookies!) Unfortunately, I continued to screw up the recipe at every turn and it took several rounds of flour additions to fix the consistency. They turned out great actually, but we had 108 cookies to get rid of. We tried to give some away to Christian and JoLynne but they had already made some this afternoon and had the same cookie surplus as we did. We ended up taking some to Rachel and to Kylie and Landon. Hopefully they will appreciate them at work as well.

Us in our super cute aprons showing off our delicious baked goods.

Maybe I will win

9 Oct

There’s this contest to win a free handbag and if you post about it on your blog, then you get an extra 25 entries. So here it is. Go to and enter to win.

Note to self: save everything on a flash drive from now on

7 Oct

I felt particularly unmotivated today at work so I did what any bored, self-obsessed office worker with access to a computer would do – I Googled myself. To my surprise, I was given a link to download a french paper I wrote last year. Apparently, anyone is able to access all of the documents that are saved on my personal drive at school. And not just on my drive; there’s a directory of every student at Westminster.

I hope everyone is as creeped out by this as I am.

We hear all the time how accessible personal information is on the internet, and I consider myself pretty aware of the risks of online communication (see my previous post about identity theft for the details of my paranoia). What surprises me is that Westminster would allow this information to just float around in cyberspace for anyone to see. I am kind of shocked that there aren’t more precautions taken, or at the very least that students aren’t told that any document they save is available to the public eye.

Mostly the documents I have saved are old school papers, articles for the paper, and design projects. Harmless enough. What worries me are the class schedules I make up every semester, drafts of letters I have to write and the budget I have saved in excel.

Note to self: save everything on a flashdrive from now on.

50% off at

6 Oct

Everybody loves coupons right? I just got this email at school for 50% off the regular price of anything at They have all sorts of outdoor equipment, clothes, ski and snowboard stuff, backpacks, etc. It’s good for everything, even sale stuff, it will just reduce the price down to half. Click the link below and the discounted price will be shown in your cart:

*Use the discount code to increase discount to 50% off retail price. Not valid on gift certificates or item(s) already on sale for greater than 50% off. Coupon good through 11:59 pm MST, October 15, 2008.

They’re wicked smaht here at Hahvahd

2 Oct
This week the family, well Molly and I and the parents, have been on vacation in New England. We flew into Boston last Wednesday and spent a few days there. The city’s history is amazing. I think we saw the oldest everything in America. If it happened first, it probably happened in Boston.

Molly and I illegally climbed onto this statue to take a picture.

This is Mother Goose’s grave

This is supposed to bring good luck to any woman who touches it.

We visited Salem which was equally interesting and totally creepy. The witch museums are run by modern day wiccans – eek! – and it’s kind of a hotspot for people with alternative lifestyles. It was a little hokey, but the history is fascinating. I definitely want to reread The Scarlet Letter now.

We also visited Sturbridge village which is basically a recreated 19th century farm and village. The employees are dressed in period costumes and demonstrate the jobs the people back then would have to do. Dad of course spent most of the day with the blacksmith on site (we left him there while we ate lunch and went shopping outside of the village and picked him up a few hours later. It’s a really fun place and really interesting to see how the farmers accomplished so much with so little technology.

Molly had to devise innovative ways to get a good sleep in the car on the way back from Sturbridge.

Dad had to make the duck salute while he drove the duck boat in the Charles river. This company in Boston has turned some WWII amphibious landing vehicles into touring trucks. We literally drove right from the road into the river after taking the truck around the city for an hour.

We toured the USS Constitution and got to try out the sailor hammocks.

We’re having a great time so far. After we left Massachussettes, we headed out to Stowe, Vermont. The leaves here are beautiful but the weather has been less than desirable (raining cats and dogs actually.) I’ll add a vacation blog post part deux when we get home.