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A symphony of sound

31 Oct

What a great weekend. Other than the fact that I didn’t get anything done and I’m stuck with a mountain of homework this Monday… so worth it.

Friday: Bought a new computer. Still on the fence about it. I might take it back. Nightmare Before Christmas with the roommates.

Saturday: Slept in. Bread pudding for lunch. Dinner in Chinatown and the new Footloose with my roommate Jaime and fellow SLAIS-er Lindsay. Amazing that we found a restaurant that was open and didn’t get mugged on the street while searching for one. The movie was excellent. Just the right mix of modern updates with the classic 80s dance movie feel. Loved it.

Sunday: Found out that they give away free Cobbs bread at church every Sunday. For those of you not in Vancouver, Cobbs is a super delicious bakery in town. I’m not sure how I’ve been going to this ward for 2 months and never heard about it. It’s definitely an added incentive to go to church. I scored loaves of whole wheat and french bread and an assortment of rolls/buns.

I also saw Jack’s Mannequin with a school buddy. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say this is one of their best shows I’ve been to. Definitely in the top two of the 5 or 6 times I’ve seen them. As always, Andrew McMahon was ah-mazing. He just has such a presence on stage. The venue was awesome too. The Vogue is a beautiful old theater, with great acoustics and comfortable seats. I’m also a sucker for a good neon sign.

The opening bands Lady Danville and Allen Stone were SUPERĀ  impressive as well. Lady Danville was very chill and folksy. Who can resist a singer who can play the ukelele and harmonica at the same time? Definitely not me. The band took this picture of the crowd from the stage and posted it on facebook. Allen Stone was a last minute replacement for The Academy Is… who were supposed to play, but left the tour when they broke up like 3 weeks ago. Lucky me because Allen Stone was awesome. Imagine the powerful soul voices of Marvin Gaye and Aretha Franklin combined with the lyrical skills of the best of the 70s singer-songwriters. Got that? Now picture all that talent wrapped up in a skinny, long haired white kid with energy for days. That’s what Allen Stone brought to the stage. It seriously blew me away. He also led the crowd in an acoustic rendition of The Bare Necessities. I couldn’t get enough. Check him out.

You can kind of see me in the back right corner

So, as I now sit in the computer lab at school, facing a LONG day of work, I think you’ll all agree that my slacker weekend was most definitely worth it.

Epic fail

18 Oct

Today I had my first really disheartening grad school experience. We got our grades back for our first cataloging assignment. We had to take some bibliographic records (you know, those long reference citations that have title, author, year, publisher, etc for books and articles and websites) and then cite all the formatting rules from the AACR2 (Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, 2nd Ed.) used to create those records. Try to remember back when you used to have to figure out bibliographies for research papers. It’s like doing that, but backwards. It was a terrible assignment. I hated every minute of it. The AACR2 totally made me its bitch. I’m pretty sure I got the worst grade in the class. I’m not exaggerating; people are pretty open about their grades, so I had a lot to compare myself to. **Silver lining, my 78% is actually a B+ here at UBC. They are so weird with their grading in Canada.** Anyway, despite the B+, it was a pretty dismal performance on my part. And now I’m sad.

Sometimes I surprise myself

18 Oct

Do you ever occasionally have a kind of personal epiphany? You realize something about yourself that’s probably been obvious to everyone else all along, but you never noticed that that’s the kind of person you really are. And then it changes everything. Being all alone in a new place has made me realize what kind of person I am. Not good or bad, just things I never knew before.

We all have this vision of ourselves. I don’t want to say idealized, because no one thinks they are all good… But actually yes, I do want to say idealized. We definitely come to love our faults. Or at least what we perceive to be our faults. Haven’t you ever heard someone talk about how much of a procrastinator they are in almost a bragging way? Like hey, I am so awesome and self-aware that I can talk about how totally imperfect I am and that makes me cool. But really, once you figure yourself out, even just a little bit, you understand how all that bravado was just another way of deceiving yourself.

I’m feeling thoughtful. Can you tell?