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Easter Egg-stravaganza

6 Apr

When I saw this blog post I couldn’t wait to “tie”-dye my own Easter eggs. Excitedly, my roommate Jaime and I headed out to the thrift store today to pick up some suitable ties (they have to be 100% silk to work). Here were our selections. My pictures aren’t nearly as classy as in the original post. But you get the gist.

Next, we cut up the ties and wrapped them tightly around the uncooked eggs, securing them with twist-ties. Make sure that the front side of the silk is against the egg.

Then, we wrapped the eggs again with fabric from an old sheet.

We boiled them in water and a third a cup of white vinegar for about 20 minutes. It was so much fun to unwrap each one. Almost as good as presents on Christmas. Some of them turned out amazing, others weren’t as good as we anticipated. I’m amazed at the level of detail that transferred from the fabric. Here are a few of our favorites.