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Molly’s Mission Call

23 Dec

For those of you who missed it, here’s a video of Molly opening her mission call last week.



22 Dec

No your eyes don’t deceive you. You are seeing a brand new post on my blog — with pictures and all.

Last month I visited my friends Rachel and Angela who were living on Oahu. I felt very grown up because it was the first time I had ever gone on a trip all by my lonesome, without family or friends to keep me company on the plane. Mostly we just hung out at the beach, but we also visited the PCC, the Bishop museum, went to the flea market at 7:00 am (Dad was so proud) and ate some awesome food. By far the biggest highlight was our surfing lesson though. I got up on the first try, although I definitely struggled the next 5 or 5 tries. It was amazing, but I have never been so sore in my entire life. I ached from head to toe. I also had some hardcore board rash on my knees and feet. It was so worth it though. No pain, no gain right? The trip was incredible and my best ladies did a great job of showing me around the island.

Hangin loose with our awesome surf instructor.
The Dole Plantation.
We got tattoos at the PCC.

We love to volunteer. Rachel and Ange made coconut bread and I weaved a basket out of banana leaves. I was so pro the Tahitian lady was sure I had done it before.

I had to sit all by myself at the luau dinner.

We bought fresh coconuts at the flea market. None of us could finish them, and Angela tried to give the rest of hers away to strangers. They obviously thought she was creepy. Who knew there was so much milk inside?

Apparently we met the only nice worker at the Honolulu temple. He offered to take our picture without us even asking. When we asked one of the sisters where we should eat though, she gave us the up-down look and said (rather disapprovingly) that the BYU campus was the only thing close but they have a dress code.
Rachel got her palm read by a half-naked psychic. She’s going to marry someone from Alaska or Canada, have 4 children and should work in the medical field.

I’m a freak, what can I say?

2 Dec

Since I have been so so terrible in updating my blog, and because Kylie tagged me in one of hers, I figured I would respond in kind. Here’s 6 quirky things about myself.

1. I have never been pulled over. It’s pretty shocking if you ask me because I am a very absent-minded driver and I speed pretty much all the time.

2. I tend to become obsessive about the things I like. If I start watching a tv show on dvd, I will stay up ALL night (and I literally mean the entire night) to finish the episode/disc/season etc. That’s also why I sometimes make large purchases spontaneously. When I decide I want something, I immediately have to have it. Same goes for life decisions. Remember how I started thinking about taking the semester off and 1 hour later all the paperwork was signed…

3. I hate anything soggy. I can’t even have a french dip sandwich.

4. I love to make lists. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as crossing things off a list. Sometimes I add things that I’ve already done to my to-do list just so I can cross it off.

5. I can twist my tongue all the way around in both directions. (Hopefully that makes sense.)

6. I’m more than a little OCD. Mostly things just have to be even. Molly used to like to drive me crazy by cracking all the knuckles on one hand but not the other. I also really like piles. They make fun of me at work for having tons of stackers to organize all my piles of papers.

I tag Rachel T. and Rachel W. for this post.