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I blinked and then it was over

19 Aug

Wow, I’ve been home for nearly 4 months and I’ve yet to document my summer. I’ve been loving my time here in Utah, and I’ve managed to do tons of fun stuff. Here’s a few photo snippets of what I’ve been up to.

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She’s a maniac!

29 Feb

I had all these ambitions to blog the whole time I was on vacation in Florida. However, as with most of my lofty goals, it never happened. Turns out theme parking is a lot of work. I was tired by the end of the day. And my guilt over not doing any homework was simply exhausting.

I posted all the pics on facebook, so I won’t post them again. I will give you something even better though. Please enjoy this short clip of Molly dancing like a mad women at the Diana Ross concert at Universal Studios. She was amazing by the way. Diana Ross that is, although Molly was pretty stellar herself. I can only hope I’m still rocking out when I’m her age.


13 Feb

43. I got a new phone. Finally! After many many years of bottom of the line and hand-me-downs, I have something that’s both nice AND new. So far, with the exception of not having a Pandora app, I really like the Samsung Focus. 44. Both items today have to do with the new phone. Yesterday while Molly and I were at the AT&T store a couple came in looking for looking for a car charger. When they told the salesman what they needed, Molly promptly (and LOUDLY) responded that they should buy one on ebay. “They’re like $.99 and shipping is almost nothing, I swear.” This was much to the chagrin of the AT&T employees. One suggested she go sit on the benches outside the store. The other, who was helping me, just laughed. It definitely made my day.


11 Feb

41. I ran across this picture of the Stockholm city library. It’s beautiful in a way that I rarely associate with books. The photo itself is stunning as well. Another reason to love libraries, and another place to add to my list of must-see libraries. One day I will take a world tour. 42. Molly and all the wonderful things she says. Last night she was mocking me and I make a gesture like I was going to punch her arm. Her response: One day I’m going to slap that violence out of you! Priceless.


26 Jan

22. A sister that thinks about me while she’s shopping. Molly bought me a pair of $10 jeans she found at the mall, just because she knew I would love them

23. $400 Delta Airline credit for getting bumped off my flight to Tokyo that I can now use to fly to NYC

24. Finishing the FAFSA

25. Having a car door that I can actually use

26. Thomas everything Bagel Thins. So delicious, yet so low in calories.

Wowza, it’s been a while

26 Sep

Well, since Molly came (and for a few weeks before that) I’ve been too busy to update. Mostly I’m too lazy to upload pictures and there’s just too much to write about. So I’ll give you a little synopsis. Molly and I had an AMAZING time. I know it’s cheesy, but I would have been happy to sit in a hotel and snuggle with her. Ok, that sounds weird. It’s just been lonely without her. The kind of loneliness that you don’t realize you have until it stops. Anyway, I dropped her off safe and sound at the airport around 4:00 this morning and it felt weird, again, to sleep alone. I’m sad to have her gone, but it was totally worth it to see her.

Here’s a brief rundown of our trip. We spent the first weekend in Chiang Rai, hanging out with the other volunteers. Molly got to come teach with me at the Buddhist temple and the monk taught us how to meditate. Molly got to have the full Mirror experience and then we headed off to Chiang Mai where we did tons of tourist-y things: cooking class, white water rafting, elephant riding, riding the river on bamboo rafts, temples and more temples. A bunch of volunteers met us that weekend and we partied the night away. We shopped, danced and enjoyed (very) early morning kababs and roti with condensed milk. Side note: America, can we please adopt the kabab as our preferred late night snack? Seriously, I don’t think anything in the world tastes as amazing at 3:00 am.

After Chiang Mai we took the bus to Cha-am beach in Hua Hin where we spend 3 totally useless and lazy days soaking up the sun. It was well worth the money we paid to stay at a nice place (considering we hardly left the property). Thanks to the Courtyard Marriott we had (what seemed like) the most comfortable beds in Asia, a huge tv to watch our pirated DVDs, a beautiful pool, an empty beach that was steps away, and delicious food. It was even worth the heart attack inducing 500 baht I paid for sunscreen.

We then traveled back up to Bangkok, where I must say, I was really a party pooper. I’ve had a cough for over 2 weeks now that finally developed into a full blown sickness. I spent nearly one entire day in our hotel room sleeping. Molly was amazing and kept me supplied with subway sandwiches, water and my favorite milk cookies. We managed to do some shopping, massage getting and sightseeing. The grand palace is less enjoyable this time because of the rain, but it was still beautiful. And the endless supply of all night pad thai can’t be beat.

Tomorrow I join two other volunteers to travel for another week and then it’s back to Mirror. Even with all the fun I’ve been having, I really miss volunteering. I miss my bed at Mirror, seeing the kids, and especially the other volunteers. I’m more happy than ever that I decided to stay an extra 6 weeks. I’m just not ready to be done yet.

More updates (hopefully with pictures this time) soon to come. Love and miss you all!

The Emerald City (not the one from the Wizard of Oz)

7 Jul

Alright guys, I’ve been terribly remiss in my blog posting. Lots has happened, but I will keep this one to my recent trip to Seattle. The trip was amazing! We left Salt Lake early on Monday morning and made the long trip in 13 and a half hours. I realize there are about a zillion pics on this post, so I won’t be mad if you get bored halfway through (or a third of the way, or 3 pictures in…)

On the way home we stopped in Salmon, Idaho.
No trip would be complete without visiting Wells Fargo.

We ate at Bertram’s – home of the greatest Monte Cristo sandwich on earth.

We got to go to our good friend Julie’s wedding reception while we were in Seattle.

It was at the Salish Lodge, which is right above the BEAUTIFUL Snoqualmie Falls.

We went to the Pacific Science Center. This table was huge!

We love science…

almost as much as Molly loves Jord.

I’m a surprisingly good rock climber.

We also visited the zoo.

This is a gross picture but we HAD to have one in front of the gum wall.

Most amazing place ever.

Ok, so we went to the Experience Music Project/Science Fiction Museum which was the coolest museum I have ever been to. We spent more than an hour in the very first room. They also had an exhibit all about Jim Hensen (puppets and all). This is Molly, Jimmi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Kyle, Keith Moon and me.

At the top of the space needle. I think everyone in Seattle thought Molly and I were lesbians. Good thing it’s a very gay friendly city 😉

First Starbucks ever.

We heart McDreamy

Totem pole of love. I’m definitely on top.

As soon as he saw this penguin, Kyle immediately gave it a huge hug.

Cutest picture ever from our harbor cruise. We were too cheap to spend $15 bucks on it though.

Seattle Aquarium

We tried to take a picture at every state line, but Idaho was the only one that we could pull over at.