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Bringing magic to the holidays

7 Jan

So I feel like I need to amend my Birthday in December post. As you probably guessed, I was pretty gutted about not getting the Harry Potter book set for my birthday. It was more than a minor tragedy. My mom gave me this whole spiel about how she returned the ones she bought (that I saw back in August) because she found them cheaper at Costco, but then those ended up being paperbacks and the hard covers were sold out. Convincing stuff. Lots of detail. Anyhow, I was shocked in the most delightful way when I received the aforementioned (and not returned) box set for Christmas from my brother.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that I already have too much stuff in my tiny room in Vancouver and that I had to fit myself, all my stuff, two friends AND all their holiday luggage into my car on the way back to school, I couldn’t bring them with me. My HP rendezvous will have to wait until summer.