Sometimes I surprise myself

18 Oct

Do you ever occasionally have a kind of personal epiphany? You realize something about yourself that’s probably been obvious to everyone else all along, but you never noticed that that’s the kind of person you really are. And then it changes everything. Being all alone in a new place has made me realize what kind of person I am. Not good or bad, just things I never knew before.

We all have this vision of ourselves. I don’t want to say idealized, because no one thinks they are all good… But actually yes, I do want to say idealized. We definitely come to love our faults. Or at least what we perceive to be our faults. Haven’t you ever heard someone talk about how much of a procrastinator they are in almost a bragging way? Like hey, I am so awesome and self-aware that I can talk about how totally imperfect I am and that makes me cool. But really, once you figure yourself out, even just a little bit, you understand how all that bravado was just another way of deceiving yourself.

I’m feeling thoughtful. Can you tell?


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