23 Feb

46. Two of my very best Thailand buddies George and Sean came to visit. George is from England, finishing out his travels in LA, CA, which is where Sean lives. They road-tripped it up to SLC to visit little ol’ me. After a snow storm stopped them for 2 nights in Reno, they made it to SLC. More about their trip in a later post.

47. I got to go see Brian Regan last weekend. One word: HILARIOUS. Even the supremely irritating, demon-laugher next to us couldn’t spoil the fun.

48. Buying reject Milano cookies in bulk at the Pepperidge Farm factory in Logan.

49. On Glee last night the principal announces the Glee Club’s Ke$ha number like this: “Today the Glee Club will be singing Tik and also Tok by K dollar sign Ha.” It killed me.

50. I found this Albert Einstein quote today and I really liked it. He might be the historical person I would hypothetically go back in time and have lunch with.

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

51. The Rocky Mountains. Seriously, there is no better view. They are truly stunning. Showing them off to the boys this weekend rekindled my love affair with those beautiful peaks.

52. Pizza at Stoneground restaurant. Always delicious.

53. This new shirt I bought at Down East. Mine is actually a light pink, but I like this one too.

54. I read today that Keanu Reeves gave away $50 million of the money he earned from the Matrix trilogy. It almost makes me overlook his terrible acting.

55. Practical jokes with my family. Whether it be BYU tortilla chips or 57 lawn gnomes, it’s always a good time.


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