9 Feb

I’ve been out sick for the last few days with ear infections. Yes, that right. BOTH ears are infected. This is my first experience with them and I have to say I’m not a fan. Not at all. Anyway, I have a lot of catching up to do.

34. My ear infection is better. Well, mostly. But at least now I don’t feel like I’m going to fall over or throw up every time I stand up.

35. Kneaders red velvet cupcakes. Generally I think red velvet is an overrated flavor, but these are amazing. Truly.

36. stumble upon. This has revolutionized the way I waste time online.

37. Nutty Guys yogurt pretzels. They saved me from hating my life on the couch these past few days. Although I think I’ve gained a few pounds as a result.

38. I finally figured out (most of) the logistics of my upcoming trip to London. I have been freaking out about it for a couple of weeks. My original plan was to come back early and spend the weekend in Boston with my friend Julie. However, it quickly became apparent that that option was going to be painful, time consuming and expensive. After MUCH deliberation and two flight changes, I finally decided to extend my stay in Europe and play with my good friends there. Even with the change fees, it will still be cheaper I think and much more convenient.

39. I FINALLY got the new Katy Perry cd. Thanks Kyle for letting me steal all your music!

40. Chatting with friends via facebook. I don’t know what’s changed. I’m sure you all remember that Facebook chat used to suck. Bad. But lately I’ve been using it all the time with no problems.


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