Pu Chi Fah

30 Oct

Last weekend a group of volunteers, Japanese and Thai staff took a weekend trip to Pu Chi Fah. Literally translated, the name means something like “mountain that points to the sky.” We took one of the Mirror songtaows, and it felt like a very long drive.

On the way there we stopped at a national park to admire the spectacular view. The road was very steep and windy.

The view was totally worth the crazy drive.

George, however, didn’t get to admire it too much because of his massive hangover. The little ones always learn the dangers of Thai whiskey the hard way.

At the park we climbed a super awesome tree. Correction, I climbed a tree and Patti and Stacy tried but their legs were too short.

We spent the night in Win’s village. He and Tae (and Win’s family) made us one of the most delicious meals I’ve had in Thailand. We had real barbecued pork and fresh grilled prawns. I even ate a shrimp brain, and it was super tasty. Arroy maak!

That night we went to a temple for a festival. (If you haven’t noticed, they have a lot of those in Thailand.) This one was particularly fun because they were sending lanterns in the sky. We bought a lantern and sent it off with all kinds of loving prayers.

Early the next morning (too early to be “bright” and early) we packed up and made the drive to Pu Chi Fah. It was truly amazing to see the tops of the mountains rise above the mist. Everything kind of glowed pink and purple during the sunrise. It was beautiful.

After a very long two days, we made the drive home. I don’t remember much of it 🙂

The trip was one of the highlights of my time in Thailand. A feel good journey indeed.


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