Home sweet home (sort of…)

4 Oct

Ahh, I’m back at Mirror and it feels so good to be home. Well, at my home away from home. After the madness that was Bangkok, I am relishing the peace and quiet of Chiang Rai. I took an 11 hour bus ride from Bangkok and then immediately hopped on a bus to Mae Sai to do a visa run at the border. Unfortunately, I had to stand during about 90% of the 2 hour ride to Burma. Not fun. There were about 75 people on my bus that had seating for 24. Seriously. I counted. By the time I finally arrived back at Mirror I was ready to kiss the ground.

Patti and I spent a really quiet night. Tae and some of the other Thai staff guys cooked us dinner and I finally understood the awkward feeling people have when you cook for them. They gave us a few things to do, but then openly mocked us at how inept we were at Thai cooking. I got the hang of cutting up chillies after about 6, but I still felt pretty useless. By the time we were finished we had a crowd around us watching us act like idiots.

All in all, it was a really fun trip but I’m glad to come back. I miss teaching, being in one place and the relaxed atmosphere of Chiang Rai.


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