Sometimes I forget I can make lemonaide

16 Aug

This weekend was a much needed respite from the dismal feeling at Mirror this week. Nothing really bad happened. There weren’t any “incidents” and nobody was fighting or anything. There was just a negative feeling everywhere you turned. For me, it started last weekend. Everyone went to town and got crazy drunk. One of the Thai staff came with us and got so drunk he literally passed out and we had to carry him up the stairs of our guesthouse. And it was only midnight at that point. It just got out of hand, and those kinds of nights really start to wear on me.

It also didn’t help that we had three days of canceled classes because of Mother’s Day (aka the queen’s birthday).  We spent those days making teaching resources (flashcards, memory games, etc) and doing some random outdoor work. We cut the grass on the side of the driveway with machetes. Quite possibly the most inefficient method ever. Morale was just low, and I definitely wasn’t helping. I’m normally not a huge complainer here, but little things were really getting on my nerves. I freaked out because someone took my mug for 2 days. Basically, negativity breeds more negativity.

This weekend, instead of staying in town, Stacy and I came back to Mirror. We did lots of sleeping, talking, a little bit of working out, more sleeping, massage, and planning the upcoming Mirror Foundation talent show. It was just the kind of weekend I needed to regroup. It sounds cheesy, but I needed to recenter myself. I even meditated today for like an hour. Oh yes, I’m very new age-y these days. The power of the mind to heal itself is pretty amazing though. During the last 6 moths or so I’ve really come to appreciate what self-reflection and emotional detox can do for you.

It’s my goal this week to boost morale and be a positive influence on the mood of the volunteers. I’m in charge of the talent show, which I’m pretty excited about. Ok, excited is an understatement. I’m totally psyched. I wanted to make participation mandatory, but I figured that might kill the mood a little. So I’ve just been doing my best to help people think of every random talent possible. So far we have hakka dancing, recorder playing, singing, writing, cooking, karaoke and dancing.

As I re-read this post I hate to leave the impression that it’s been a terrible week. Again, nothing specific has been really bad. I’ve actually had  some really good times and amazing conversations with the other volunteers. People are just down in terms of energy and emotions. Hopefully the busy week that’s ahead will improve everyone’s spirits.


One Response to “Sometimes I forget I can make lemonaide”

  1. Pam August 21, 2010 at 2:17 am #

    I cannot wait to see the video of the Talent Show…I heard it was great!! Miss you!

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